Sex and Seniors

A recently released survey suggests there is a substantial gender gap among seniors when it comes to sexual desire.

Modern Maturity's sexuality study, published by AARP in the September-October issue of the magazine, found that Americans age 45 and older are generally happy with their sex lives and that they are more sexually active than earlier studies had suggested.

But on the questions of interest in and desire for sex, there was a major divergence. More than half of men said they felt sexual desire at least three times a week, while just over 20 percent of women did; more than one-third of women reported that they felt sexual desire less than once a month, if at all.

Seniors And the Gap in Desire

Responses, by percentage, to the question, "How often do you feel sexual desire?"

Women Men

Not at all 32.5% 7.5

Less than once per month 18.6 9.5

Once a month 5.3 3.1

2-3 times per month 12.1 10.1

Once a week 6.7 9.1

2-3 times per week 14.5 27.8

Once a day 2.2 11.8

More than once a day 2.6 18.4