Women between the ages of 35 and 60 who feel confused and unfulfilled can take a look at midlife by drawing images of their feelings and experiences in a workshop designed by an art therapist in College Park this week.

Kristrinah Ayala, an art therapist and founder of The Center for Creativity Inc., the workshop's sponsor, says she offers the workshop because "midlife is often feared and disregarded in our culture."

Ayala begins the workshop by having each woman draw images with her non-dominant hand about where she is her life, a technique she believes helps women access thoughts and feelings about which they are unaware. Then participants share their drawings and discuss what they see.

Ayala, who regularly facilitates groups for women in midlife, says many women feel lost and lonely, have concerns about their careers and struggle to define their spiritual beliefs. But the most common issue is finding a purpose in life after children have grown and a women's caretaking responsibilities are done.

Ayala says women who successfully address the issues of midlife come out of it transformed and ready for the second half of their lives.

Midlife Women Draw Together, College Park Community Center, 5051 Pierce Ave., College Park. To register, call 301-935-5595.

-- Diane Knich

Emily Labathe drew "Birthing My Creativity" during an art therapy workshop for women in midlife.