* Strattera is taken once a day; dose amounts are determined by the patient's body weight. Washington psychiatrist Nora Galil starts her patients at a low dose, which she gradually increases until the best results are achieved. One of her patients, a 17-year-old girl who weighs about 100 pounds, began at 25 milligrams a day. Galil plans to bump that up by 25 milligrams a week. The optimum dose for this patient, she predicts, will be 75 milligrams.

* Unlike stimulant medications, Strattera takes a few days before its effects are apparent and, according to Larry B. Silver, a clinical professor of psychiatry at Georgetown University Medical Center, one to three weeks to reach its peak effectiveness.

* Because of that adaptation period, psychiatrist Nora Galil recommends that patients switching to Strattera from another medication do so when a temporary return of symptoms will be least disruptive. For parents, she says, that means waiting until the end of the school year -- just in time for the new Harry Potter book.

"I have a feeling this summer will be very busy," she says.


* www.strattera.com, Eli Lilly's Strattera Web site.

* NeuroScience Inc. of Bethesda is conducting studies on Strattera. To learn more, contact Melissa Andrews, lead research manager, at 301-571-7300 or visit www.neuroscience-inc.com.

* For additional information about ADHD, contact the CHADD National Resource Center on ADHD at 800-233-4050 or www.chadd.org.