Necessity, the Mother of Reinvention

"Help Wanted in Reinventing Work" [My Time, June1] struck a note with me. I think a new movement can and should result from the emerging need for older people to work beyond the age where they previously expected to retire.

With thoughtful reflection and as you said "reinvention," people can create strategies and personal marketing campaigns to obtain both more-than-adequate cash flow and work satisfaction. What will be required though, is entrepreneurial thinking such as what is expected of the younger job market.

Jesse Kloss

Columbia, S.C.

As a baby boomer, I have been reinventing myself for the last five years. This was in order to survive layoffs. Thanks to my ability to create a need for talent, I have been able to survive. My latest reinvention is to get my Masters, which I just started online. It will take me approximately 24 months, unless I can manage to take more classes at the same time.

If I had to change one thing, I would have gotten my masters ten years ago. The only advice I have to offer, is if you company pays for it, go back to school. It is a sacrifice, but, like my mother said, they can never take your education away.

Lydia M. Rodriguez

San Antonio

Trail Rage, Revisited

I found at least one of the letters printed in the Health section June 1 regarding the pepper spray attack on a cyclist ["A Trail of Rage," June 25] to be frighteningly supportive of vigilante action. I am surprised that The Post printed such a letter. Additionally, the tone of most of the letters on that topic was alarming. The Post by printing that collection of letters seems to be supporting a position that if one is disregarding a rule, one is therefore "fair game" for attacks.

Should we perhaps throw jaywalkers to the ground and pepper spray them as well?

Shannon Hall

Montgomery Village

As a biker, hiker and C & O Canal volunteer patroller, I do hope the National Park Service (NPS) has issued "citations of violation" to the arrogant Mr. Briley who brazenly proclaims his multiple infractions of NPS rules. His illegal actions and disrespect endanger others and contribute to deterioration of our parks.

The purpose of the NPS is to protect the parks, and one way of doing so is enforcement of its own regulations and punishment of the guilty. One reason are parks are so abused is the perpetrator's knowing that almost certainly they will not be caught or punished. NPS needs to make an example of Mr. Briley.

Isaac Hantman


Back Pain, the Whole Truth

Thanks to Suz Redfearn for covering the recent research from Stanford concerning the holistic nature of back pain ["Stress, Not Fracture," May 25]. This mirrors prior work comp research showing that back "injuries" correlate more with psycho-social factors at work than with degree or amount of heavy lifting. Factors such as job satisfaction and self determination decrease lost man-hours more significantly than back braces or lighter loads.

Chiropractic has from its origin 109 years ago recognized and addressed the emotional and chemical sources of dysfunction in health. Rehab, nutrition, coping skills, confidence building and avoiding toxins including drugs are facets of chiropractic care in addition to alignment. Wellness of body-mind-community is the goal. Back pain is just the tip of the iceberg.

Christopher Frey



"The System" column last week ["The Frugal Pharmacies," June 1] suggested that consumers need to pay membership fees to buy prescription drugs at Sam's Club and Costco. In fact, nonmembers can buy these items at the same prices paid by members.