A Moving Crew reader wrote last week bemoaning the limited time slots during which gyms offer classes.

"Most gyms put the vast majority of their classes during times when I am at work," wrote Katrina Blodgett of Washington. "I'm a lawyer . . . who simply cannot make a 6:00 [p.m.] class. I need 7:30 or 8:00 classes (and even leaving that 'early' can be difficult at times)." Hear, hear. Commuting delays have made me miss many an intended spinning class -- and wish there were later options.

My other gripe about my gym: It has only one unit of my favorite machine, a modern cable-based weight trainer, even though management must see members waiting to use that unit (but not most other weight stations) during crowded periods at the club.

Most of us who belong to a fitness club or who have considered joining one have at least a few improvements we'd like to suggest to gym management. So today we want to take a break from badgering you about how to be a better exerciser and focus on how gym owners and operators can be better providers of useful, pleasant and convenient fitness facilities.

Tell us what improvements or changes you would most like to see in your gym -- or in any health club, if a crucial shortcoming is all that has kept you from joining. This is your chance to be heard en masse: One gym member's complaint might draw a managerial brushoff, but your collective voices should get gym owners' attention. We're guessing -- call us dreamers -- they might even appreciate the feedback.

So: Please rank the following wish list from 1 to 10 -- most desirable to least important -- and e-mail the responses to us at move@washpost.com. Feel free to expand on any point you like -- we'd like to hear about your personal experiences -- but hold responses to 200 words or less, please.

Assigning a rank to as many wishes as possible will help us accurately represent your wants and needs, which we will report in a future Moving Crew column. Also, tell us which gym you belong to and how often you go. You can even feel free to tell the truth on that one.

The wish list:

* More machines

* Updated machines

* More cardio gear (e.g., bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machines)

* More classes (list your favorites)

* Expanded class schedule (say what time of day you prefer)

* Improved class instruction (more beginner? more advanced?)

* Better trainers

* Locker room improvements (please specify)

* More elbow room on the workout floor

* Other (please specify)

And -- last request for the week -- join us online this Thursday at 11 a.m. for the Moving Crew chat at www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/liveonline/health/movingcrew.

-- John Briley