The glycemic index shows how much various foods raise blood sugar compared with glucose, the simplest form of sugar, which is given an arbitrary value of 100. Table sugar is 83. Note that some higher index foods, such as potatoes and pumpkin, also come with vitamins, minerals, fiber and other key nutrients.

High glycemic index foods

Instant rice 124

Corn flakes 119

Rice Krispies 117

Jellybeans 114

French fries 107

Pumpkin 107

Soda crackers 106

Potato (boiled/mashed) 104

White bread 100

Melba toast 100

Couscous 93

Ice cream 87

Oatmeal (one-minute oats) 87

Table sugar 83

Low glycemic index foods

Stir-fry vegetables with chicken and white rice 73

Oatmeal (slow-cook oats) 70

Oat bran bread 68

Parboiled rice 68

Pumpernickel 66

All-Bran 60

Popcorn 58

Boiled brown rice 50

Salmon 48

Canned tomato soup 54

Sweet potato 54

Skim milk 46

Pasta 40 to 70

Lentils/kidney/baked beans 40 to 69

Apple/banana/plum 34 to 69

Cherries 32

White boiled rice, four-ounce hamburger with cheese and butter 22

Arugula less than 20

Broccoli less than 20

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