Who's Vinnie and what's he doing in the menstruation business?

Vinnie D'Angelo, 35, "the menstruation magnate" and "tamp protecting champ" produces books, bubble bath and tampon cases that aim to make menstruation cool for kids. "Menstruation should be something to look forward to, not fear," he says, adding that it's his "mission in life to demystify periods for women (and men!) the world over."

Can the curse actually be cool?

Hey, ever heard of SpongeBob SquarePants? Who knows what's cool anymore? If you're a 13-year-old girl and everyone else has a period, maybe you want one, too. Especially if it comes with sympathy, foot massages, bubble bath, sticker books and tampon cases.

What's so cool about a tampon case?

It keeps tampons and other menstruation products from getting crushed at the bottom of your backpack. It's a vinyl zip bag with "know your flow!" on the outside and a "handy period chart" inside ($12 from www.knowyourflow.com). "Remember to refill . . . remember to chill."

Are you supposed to carry this tampon case like a purse?

"It's intended to be held above your head proudly," D'Angelo says without laughing. "It's all about letting the world know that you're having your period. The more people who know, the more support you're going to get."

Should you leave the books out on the kitchen table?

That's the idea. "Vinnie's Giant Roller Coaster Period Chart & Journal Sticker Book" (Chronicle Books, www.chroniclebooks.com, $15.95) comes with lots of stickers to keep track of your period -- and your friends' periods, too. "Vinnie's Cramp-Kicking Remedies" (Chronicle Books, $12.95) includes 50 ways to beat cramps, including the "cramp-curing kiwi shake" and the "fugidaboudit PMS headache foot rub." For the young woman who has everything. Period.

-- Stefanie Weiss