WebMD Health, my.webmd.com, sponsored by WebMD Corp. "Huge amount of trustworthy information on mainstream health topics."

National Institutes of Health, www.nih.gov, sponsored by National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human Services. "Provides general information on comprehensive list of health topics."

MayoClinic.com, www.mayoclinic.com, sponsored by Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research. "High quality resource for consumers seeking health information."

MedicineNet.com, www.medicinenet.com, sponsored by Medicine Net Inc. "Articles written by physicians; reviewed by team of health professionals."

KidsHealth, www.kidshealth.com, sponsored by Nemours Foundations Center for Children's Health. "Wealth of content."

MedScape, www.medscape.com, sponsored by WebMd. "For consumers who want access to professional level articles."

Very Good

EMedicine.com, www.emedicine.com, sponsored by eMedicine Inc. "Those seeking in-depth information should look elsewhere."

Aetna Intelihealth, www.intelihealth.com, sponsored by Aetna Inc. "Resource for health information. Reading level may be too high for some consumers."

RealAge, www.realage.com, sponsored by RealAge Inc. "Interactive tools, such as questionnaires, quizzes and real age test."

Healthology.com, www.healthology.com, sponsored by Ivillage Inc. "Site is basically marketing tool for Healthology contents."

Healthsquare, www.healthsquare.com, sponsored by Choice Media Inc. "Site is of limited use to consumers."


Yahoo!Health, health.yahoo.com, sponsored by Yahoo Inc. "Site seems to lack editorial quality control."

About Health and Fitness, about.com/health, sponsored by the New York Times Co. "Information is of uneven quality."

Drugs.com, www.drugs.com, sponsored by Drugsite Trust. "Useful information on prescription and over-the-counter medication."

Pfizer, www.pfizer.com, sponsored by Pfizer Inc. "Contains drug and other information that may be useful to consumers (but other sites may be of greater utility)."

RxList, www.rxlist.com, sponsored by WebMD. "Useful for someone who has lost drug package insert; not much else."

IVillage Health, health.ivillage.com, sponsored by iVillage Inc. Site is bright and appealing, but cluttered with flashing and animated advertisements and promotions."

HealthCenter Online, www.heartcenteronline.com, sponsored by HealthCentersOnline. "Consumers may experience being constantly marketed."

Healthboards.com, www.healthboards.com, sponsored by iCentric Corp. "May help to connect consumers with same condition or issue, thereby forming an online community."


QualityHealth.com, www.qualityhealth.com, sponsored by Marketing Technology Solutions Inc. "Site's unstated purpose seems to be marketing products, especially to women."

Source: Consumer Reports WebWatch health ratings site, www.healthratings.org.

Too much marketing cost it points.Earned top marks for data volume and trust. Too much marketing cost it points.