DON'T TAKE THOSE CHROMIUM SUPPLEMENTS YET Low body levels of chromium, a mineral involved in carbohydrate and fat metabolism, are associated with an increased risk of heart attack, a new report shows. But the value and safety of chromium supplements remains unknown.

Chromium deficiency leads to blood sugar problems that cannot be controlled with insulin, researchers explain in the American Journal of Epidemiology. But the association of chromium intake with heart-related problems is largely unknown.

CUT HERE, PLEASE Surgical removal is the best treatment for severe hemorrhoids, according to a review of previous studies. For less severe disease, circling the hemorrhoid with a tiny rubber band is suitable. This approach cuts off the blood supply to the hemorrhoid, and it eventually drops off.

EATING ON YOUR FEET People with foot and ankle problems tend to weigh more than people without, suggesting that the extra weight may be bad for the feet, according to findings released last week.

Among more than 6,000 people surveyed, those who said they had foot and ankle pain, had undergone foot surgery or consulted a doctor about foot pain tended to weigh more than people not reporting such problems.

THE BOTTOM LINE (PUN INTENDED) Overweight people who trim down may improve both their health and their wealth, new research shows. The study, based on 15 years of data from a large U.S. survey, found that weight and weight changes were related to people's net worth.

-- Reuters