· The most important and injury-prone part of the runner -- the knee -- is profiled in the March edition of Runner's Worldin a special series titled "The Runner's Body." The seven-page spread includes an owner's manual that explains how the knee is a pain center for biomechanical problems that typically originate within the hips or feet. An informative graphic labels the ligaments, tendons and muscles and provides the most common causes of pain for each part. The article also details the most common knee injury (46 percent of runners experience patellofemoral pain syndrome, which occurs when the kneecap is pulled to the side), and it offers stretches and exercises to ward off knee problems.

· For an entertaining take on how to bring an end to one of the most personal (and physical) relationships in your life, pick up March's issue of Gentleman's Quarterly. The tongue-in-cheek article, "Are you ready to break up with your trainer?" compares ending a long-standing relationship with a personal trainer to ending one with a significant other, addressing the feelings of loss you might experience at a gym when you realize your training partner is no longer there, and how to handle awkward run-ins with your ex. The article also includes comic tales of unusual personal trainers -- such as one who would make his client clean the equipment they'd used and put back weights they'd left lying around, calling these chores part of a "good workout."

-- Rachel Zavala