After an elaborate two-week stakeout of a Suitland neighborhood, Prince George's County police arrested a District man and charged him with two rapes committed in the area during the past week, according to police officials.

At least 15 police officers had been stationed each night in the neighborhood where 17 rapes and attempted rapes had been reported since the first week of November.

Robert Maurice Winfield, 26, of 1233 Valley Ave. SE, was arrested shortly after midnight outside an apartment building at 5200 Silver Hill Rd., police said.

Winfield, who was allegedly armed with a long-barrelled pistol when arrested, was charged with two counts of first degree rape, one count of robbery and one count of car theft, police said. He was jailed without bond pending a hearing.

He was charged with raping an 18-year-old woman on Dec. 28 near the 4800 block of Eastern Lane in the Suitland neighborhood and with raping a 17-year-old woman the following night at the same location, police said.

Since Nov. 4, the neighborhood has been plagued with the reports of rapes that all followed the same pattern. The victim were surprised at night in lonely apartment parking lots. A man would sneak up behind the woman's back, point a pistol to her head, rob her and then rape her, according to police.

Although the rapes were scattered over a two-month period, police said the worst rash was in December, even during the stakeout.

Officers from the sex squad, from the Seat Pleasant police station and from the special operations squad were called in on the investigation and the neighborhood surveillance.