Along the parade route, there will be 27 first aid stations, each equipped with an ambulance, three doctors, three nurses and three assistants. An additional 25 ambulances will be stationed along the parade routes, as well as four cardiac units.

At the special events on the around the Mall Jan. 18, 19 and 21, there will be two first aid stations, three ambulances and two cardiac units at the ready.

Portable toilets will be located near the parade route, including six specifically for handicapped people. Sixteen as yet undesignated federal buildings will also be open for the public to use toilets inside.

Volunteers wearing some sort of badge to identify them will assist Metropolitan Police in locating lost children. There will be three lost children or lost person centers, and the names of the found will be announced over public address systems along the parade route.

There will be six "warming stations" along the parade route for viewers, possibly located in federal office buildings.

Volunteers will be staffing information booths in a number of hotels, at the National Visitor Center and other as yet undetermined locations. The inaugural committee will also be publishing a calendar of things to do and other useful information.