The Rev. Paul Kevin Meagher, Roman Catholic theologian, educator and author, died here Friday from complications resulting from diabetes. He was 69.

Father Meagher, a Dominican, served as editor of the section on moral theology of the New Catholic Encyclopedia published in 1968. At the time of its publicationit was considered the most defeinitive work in its field.

He edited, together with a fellow Dominican, the Rev. Thomas Bilby, the 60-volume English edition of the works of St. Thomas Aquinas, a work that was completed last year.

Much of his career was spent in California, where for 23 years he was regent of studies of the California province of the Dominicans. In that post he supervised the theological studies and academic mission of the province.

Father Meagher was the founder and for 21 years the rector of St. Albert's College in Oakland, Calif. He had also taught in the House of Studies of the California Dominican province.

At the time of his death he had just completed the manuscript for a four-volume encyclopedic dictionary of religion that will be published this year. While he was working on the dictionary he also served as an assistant in St. Mark's Roman Catholic parish in Hyattsville, where he lived.

In 1965, Father Meagher was awarded the coveted Cardinal Speilman award for theology by the Catholic Theological Society of America.

Father Meagher was born in Calrion, Pa. in 1907. He did theological studies in Rome and Oxford in addition to work in this country. He was ordained to the priesthood in 1931.

Mass of Christian burial will be said at 7:30 at St. Mark's Church in Hyattsville, after which his body will be flown to California fo rburial.

He is survived by two brothers, the Rev. Richard Meagher of San Francisco and John Meagher of Santa Rosa, Calif.