Six evening education courses for mentally handicapped adults in Prince George's County begin this month at Melwood Horticultural Training Center in Upper Marlboro.

Courses will be held Monday and Thursday evenings from 7 to 9 beginning Jan. 20, and run for 24 sessions.

The fee is $25, though special arrangements can be made for those who cannot afford it.

Transportation will be offered to some students, depending on available drivers and funds.

The following courses are scheduled:

Survival Academics, which includes skills the student needs to function in the community, such as making change, identifying signs and symbols and reading.

Drivers Education and Awareness.

Traffic Awareness, for students who are unable to drive but would like to learn about driving, road safety and traffic symbols.

Drama, a basic course with an emphasis on expressin and building self-confidence.

Independent Living, where students work toward that goal by cooking, planning menus, shopping and exploring their community. The emphasis in this course is on the social development needed for living independently.

Arts and Crafts, which will involve several projects in which the student can express creative and artistic abilities.

Exercises, which includes fitness programs which can be followed at home.

Leisure Studies and Recreation, designed to familiarize students with possible leisure-time activities and how to go about carrying them out.

Registration will be Monday, Jan. 17, from 4:30 to 8 p.m. by phone (599-8000) or in person at 5606 Dower House Rd., Upper Marlboro.

For more information, call the following numbers after Jan. 9: Days-Wendy Weinstock at 599-8000; Evenings-Cindy Papish at 270-2491.