A quiet card game among six friends, most of them elderly, ended violently in a Northwest apartment Wednesday night when four intruders robbed the players, raped a 52-year old woman and shot a 69-year-old man in the jaw.

Police said three male intruders, who rushed into the first floor apartment at 1806 T St. behind a woman in her 20s, netted $357.20 in the robbery.

After robbing two of the card players who had come to the door, the bandits handcuffed one of the men to a chair, then went into another part of the apartment where the card game was still being played. There they robbed the rest of the players.

Maylon Crews, 62, who rents the apartment where the robbery occured, said in an interview that the robbers became angry when they found that their first three victims had less than $100.

"They said that they understood that we had $4,000," said Crews, a chauffeur for Mrs. Robert Low Bacon, a prominent Washington socialite. "They said they had to have at least $300."

Crews said he and his guests were playing a card game called "deuces" for small stakes - 25 and 50 cents a hand.

As the intruders were grabbing money from the cardplayers, one of the intruders shot 69-year-old Karl Hendrick, of the T Street address, because Hendrick, who has faulty hearing, did not respond to the bandits' order to lie down on the floor, Crews said.

In addition to the six card players, there were four other guests in the apartment. All were robbed, police said.

While three of the intruders were taking the card players' cash, the fourth forced one of the women at the apartment into a bedroom and raped her.

The intruders then fled from the two-story, brown brick house.

Hendrick was taken by ambulance to Howard University Hospital where he underwent surgery for the bullet wound.

Police said the bullet, which entered his face through the left jaw, traveled down and through part of Hendrick's neck, lodging in his chest. Hendrick was listed in "guarded" condition yesterday by the hospital. A nurse at the hospital said "guarded" condition means that Hendrick, who is still in the hospital's intensive care unit, is being watched carefully because his life is "in the balance."

Police said there have been no arrests in the incident.

Both Crews and one of two women at the apartment said they recognized one of the male intruders but did not know the others.

"I didn't see him right away when I opened the door," the woman said in an interview, "but once he was in, I said, 'What are you doing here?' and he pushed me out of the way and put the night lock on the door."

When Crews asked the intruders why they were there, "All of them stood quietly and then the tall one pulled out the gun and said that it was a holdup," the woman said.

After handcuffing Crews and Eddie Garrett, 70, of 1814 Riggs Pl. NW, to a chair, the bandits went to the card game and robbed all the remaining persons in the apartment.

In addition to Hendrick, Garrett, Crews and the two women, they were listed by police as Alex Wooden, 75, of 1911 R St. NW; Michael Peters, 64, of 1778 T St. NW; Jessie Evans, 35, of 206 Clay St. SW; Robert Gray, 73, of 1814 Riggs Pl. NW, and Maylon Crews' brother, James, of the T Street apartment.