A U.S. Magistrate in Alexandria yesterday gave jail terms to three of 29 protesters -- including Elizabeth McAlister, a former nun and wife of antiwar activist Philip Berrigan -- who were arrested Dec. 28 for splashing blood on the Pentagon in an antinuclear weapons demonstration.

Magistrate Alex Akerman Jr. sentenced Mcalister to six months in prison.He gave protesters Rosemary Bramble and Edward Dudgeon 120-day sentences with 20 days suspended and placed them on probation for two years.

Another demonstrator charged with blood-throwing, Kris Worthington, was released from the Alexandria jail. He had already spent 11 days there after refusing personal recognizance bond on the day he was arrested.

Philip Alba, who had also been charged in the blood-throwing, and did not show up at yesterday's trial, is no charged with jumping bail. A warrant has been issued for his arrest, according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Paul Robinson.

The blood that was splattered over the concrete columns at the Pentagon's river entrance was cleaned up at cost of $5,500, Robinson said.

He said McAlister had received the stiffest sentence among the protesters charged with defacing government property in the blood-throwing incident because "she had by far the worst (rarest) record -- one going back

The three Berrigan brothers, Philip, Daniel, a Roman Catholic priest, and Jerome, and 21 other protesters arrested during the same antiweapons demonstration last month were charged with blocking entrances on government property after they chained or hand-cuffed themselves to the door at the Pentagon's river entrance.