The D. C. Police Department plans to deploy 4,000 officers at double-time holidays rates on inauguration day Jan. 20 and send the $700,000 bill to the federal government, Police Chief Maurice J. Cullinane said yesterday.

"All the men will be working a minimum of eight hours and most of them will be working more than the normal eight hours," Cullinane said. "Their hours will flexible, depending on the size of the crowd and the circumstances.

Cullinane said most of his force would be assigned to the downtown area. In outlying areas, he said, the police department will be assisted by more than 1,000 National Guard troops to carry on regular patrol duties.

He said the extra cost of using his men on a hoiliday would be charged to the federal government because the inauguration is a national rather than a local event.

In addition to the D. C. police and the National Guard, the U. S. Park Police plans to have all 525 of its officers stationed in the Washington area on duty, plus 25 others who are normally assigned to New York. Park Police Chief Jerry C. Wells said he expected ectra personnel costs for his force during the inaugural week to be about $325,000.

Over-all security arrangements for the event are being directed by Maj. Gen. Roberts Yerks, commander of the Military District of Washington. In addition to the D. C. police, the park police and the National Guard, organization taking part willl include the Army, the Secret Service, the FBI and the Capitol Police.

Besides the actual inauguration, which will take place at the Capitol, and the traditional parade, majpr events include five inaugural balls and a fireworks display.

Cullinane and Wells both said they expected none of the sometimes angry protests that have occurredd during recent inaugurations. They said demomstration permits have been issued to two groups of the Youth International Party ("Yippies"), to q women's peace group and to the AFL-CIO.

A permit also has been issued to the anti-abortion Right to Life organization for a parade from the Capitol to the Washington Monument grounds on Jan. 22, police officials said.

Cullinane said he expected his major problem to be the transporting of 18,000 to 25,000 peopke expected to attend the inauguration at the Capitol to reviewing stands slong Pennsylvania Avenue NW, near the White House. He said buses would be used for this purpose.