One does not have to be a close observer of the political scene to be aware that many Americans have become dischanted with the Carter administration and are giving voice to critical comment.

Women charge Mr. Carter with tokenism in the filling of top jobs. Many blacks are turned of by the people he has appointed - and has failed to appoint. The handicapped say Mr. Carter has broken his promises. Labor is still waiting for assurance that the economy will be given as much stimulus as Labor thinks the economy needs. The military establishment is in a state of alarm as zero budgeting threatens to torpedo essential defense projects.

Thousands of people are worried sick that government reorganization will cost them their jobs, yet to this moment the Carter administration hasn't saved the American taxpayer one thn dime. It hasn't created a new job, it hasn't passed a law, it hasn't reformed anything, and in fact it hasn't accomplished one doggone thing. A lot of people have gotten fed up with the Carter administration, and any day now I suppose somebody will start a "Carter Must Go" movement. Apparently his critics would like to replace him with a plain man of the people who believes in love and decency and honest government.

If they find a man like that, I sure hope they give him a chance to get up to the plate and take a cut at the ball before they start criticizing his batting style. That's considerably more than they're done for the President-elect.