District residents at the Unemployment Compensation Board general claims office at 500 C St. NW were asked, "Do you think that the District is doing enough for unemployed residents?" Washington Post staff writer Louise A. Reid did the interviewing and staff photographer Margaret Thomas took the pictures.

Danny Booker, 24, a construction worker who has been unemployed one month. Lives at 145 13th St. NE. "I think I'm getting my share. It's enough."

Vera Cameron, 32, a driving instructor who has been unemployed for two months. Lives at 3424 21st St. NE. "Not really. I've been coming out here to sign up for jobs and everything. I haven't heard anything. The lines are terrible. To me, they should have more help behind the counter."

Milton Harkins, 28, a beautician who has been unemployed nine months. Lives at 2122 P St. NW. "No. I think they try to discourage us. No place to sit, nothing to drink, no ash trays (in the room where the unemployed received their checks). I would like for it to be like Maryland. You fill out your card and just send it in and they send the check. It's a lot simpler."

Rod Harris, 27, an office supervisor who has been out of a job 2 days but previously was unemployed more than a month. Lives on W Street NE. "I think so. They give you the money if you are looking for jobs. They have a counseling service. They have some jobs. They don't have enough, but they have some. If you try, you can find some. I've had two jobs since I've been coming down here. They just didn't pay enough."

Marlene Murphy, 24, an office supervisor who has been unemployed since October. Lives at 12 Van Buren St. NW. "No they don't because there aren't more programs to motivate the unemployed and try to get them jobs. They should at least have some schooling. People have too much idle time."

Dolores Thompson, 21, a counter girl who has been unemployed four months. Lives on Good Hope Road SE. "That's really hard to say. I guess, yeah, they're doing enough. Some places you go, they don't have any benefits and when you're out of work there's nothing you can do about it."

Jerry Webb, 21, a construction worker who has been unemployed a month and a half. Lives at 1705 East Capitol St. "No. They don't do half as much. (They need to offer) more jobs. Maybe our new President will be able to do something. It takes at least two hours to get out of there (the room where checks are given). There's no way it's going to take 30 persons two hours just to sign their names and answer a few questions. You can get tickets to the Super Bowl faster."