Anniversary or no, there is work to be done as our fund drive for Children's Hospital nears its conclusion.

Children aged 3 to 5 in the Montessori Class at Drew Model School (Arlington) pooled all their coins to raise $4.13 for the hospital. Employees of the Weather Service Office at National Airport sent me $10. Members of the Separation and Retirement Branch, Personnel Management Division, Marine Corps HQ, added $28.65. The men and women at Westat, Inc., in their first year of participation, came up with $46.

The staff at Fairfax County's Westlawn Elementary School sent in $50. In their second year of not exchanging intramural holiday cards, staffers at the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission saved $70.50 for the children. The Internal Affairs Division of the Metropolitan Police Department used the same plan to raise $125.

National Geographic Society's Photographic Services used the no-cards plan to squeeze out a healthy $156 for sick children. The Economic Research Service of the Department of Agriculture talked soothingly to its no-cards asterisk and watched it grow $254.15 high.

The Renegotiation Board, one of Our Town's smaller federal agencies, put together one of the day's larger contributions, $340.41. Employees of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States refrained from sending each other $409 worth of holiday cards.

On a day when we needed a big boost, it came winging in from the friendly skies of United. UAL's well organized campaign included Baltimore's Maintenance unit; Washington National's Maintenance, Flight Office, Inflight Services and Dispatch; and six units at Dulles - Maintenance, Flight Dispatch, Crew Desk, Passenger Service, Operations Planning and ESP Committee. Together they sent me $1,490 plus the explanation that this year their serious giving is going to be done through a payroll deduction plan. The $1,490 is something extra, just to give me something to count while the "deducts" are piling up. A tip of the hat to the friendly people who make the skies so friendly for United Air Lines.

The abacus says these 12 groups have moved us forward by $2,983.84, and that 21 anonymous individuals added $604.50 to bring today's receipts to $3,588.34. When we add the $112,122.75 with which the shoebox started this day, we find that our tally now stands at $115,711.09. We need help, and we need it quickly or thisyear's campaign will fall short.