For District residents who are out of work, out of school and over 18, there are several places to turn for work experience, work training or counseling.

Some of these programs are wholly or partially funded by D.C. Department of Manpower so that qualified applicants may receive experience or training free or with minimal charge.

Antioch School of Law at 2633 16th St. NW provides legal technician or paralegal training free to 25 applicants yearly.

The program, which begins each September, trains people to work under the supervision of an attorney. The tasks performed by a paralegal might include client interviewing, field investigation, legal research and analysis of legislation.

Because of the wide range of skills involved. Antioch has developed a series of three interrelated training programs. The studies last from six to 18 months depending on the work experience or training an applicant has had prior to enrollment.

During the first six months of the LEgal Assistant program, the courses provides intensive training in a broad range of legal skills. The second six months provides advanced legal training and an opportunity for the student to begin specializing in a particular area.

The final part of the training program is designed to give the student work experience. Students are placed in private firms and government agencies. In some cases, these jobs lead to full-time employment.

Applicants for Antioch's program must be District residents and unemployed. If a person qualifies for financial aid (most enrollees receive aid), the organization will pay tuition and books.

The student also receives a $2.30 per hour allowance.

Those seeking admission should write 1624 Crescent Place, NW for information or call 265-9500. The application will indicate what documents and records are required.

YMCA, at 1742 G St. NW, provides free educational training for District residents who are out of work.

The program is designed to help those who have had little experience in the working world by teaching them basic reading, English and math skills. The agency also instructs people on working habits and how to apply for jobs.

The program is available to 80 students every 14 weeks. For more information call 737-7900.

Wider Opportunities for Women is a non-profit organization at 1649 K St. NW that seeks to provide equal employment opportunities for women in Washington.

WOW tries to help its members become more employable and find the job that is right for them. They do this through seminars, by compiling job leads and by helping with resumes and job applications.

A job development service assists job-hunting women and employers in search of women workers. WOW also provides non-traditional training and employment for low-income female family heads in the District. They also seek to increase the number of women in apprenticeship programs in the city.

Newcomers are invited to visit the office on Tuesdays at 9 a.m. for a free orientation and registration session. Initial membership in the program is $40 for two months unless you qualify for aid from Manpower. For more information call 638-4868.

Urban League - Located at 1424 16th St. NW. The Urban League provides a work experience program for District residents 18 and over and not in school.

Every 13 weeks, 120 students applicants are accepted by the program, which is free, and placed in paying jobs throughout the city for training and work experience.

Urban League job counselors deal with approximately 50 agencies to place their students in clerical positions, community aide jobs and recreational aide positions.

They pay for applicant's transportation for the first two weeks of employment and provide them with a three day orientation program before they start work.

When an applicant's work experience program is ending. Urban League will help place him or her in a job through the Manpower, the United Planning Organization, or various agencies that might be seeking trained personnel.

For more information call the work experience program at 265-8290.

Youth Pride, Inc. is a non-profit organization funded by Manpower to provide job training to young people, in or out of school, who live in the District.

Pride offers training in auto mechanics, retail selling building maintenance and computer programming. Students attend classes from six months to a year. Classes are held from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and students receive $2.30 per hour allowance.

After a student completes a training course, Pride placement counselors try to find jobs for them. They have placed many of their retail students in local department stores and say they found have jobs for most of their 170 enrollees.

For more information about Pride call 483-1900, or visit their office at 1536 U St. NW.