A federal grand jury has concluded for a second time that U.S. marshals did not violate the law in subduing a prisoner who died following a scuffle in a D.C. Superior courtroom last October.

The U.S. Attorney's Office said yesterday that the grand jury found "no misconduct" on the part of the marshals in the death of Curtis E. Hoston Jr., 28. Although several new witness critical of the jury's first investigation were called to testify, the findings of the panel did not change.

Among those who reportedly testified during the second grand jury was a lawyer who claimed that he saw a man, presumably a marshal, kicking another man after a shot had been fired in the courtroom.

The grand jury investigation into the death of Hoston began last Nov. 5. Jurors were told that Hoston tried to grab a marshal's pistol during Hoston's arraignment in D.C. Superior Court on a fugitive warrant. A shot was fired, injuring no one, and a scuffle ensued.

A medical examiner's report concluded that Hoston died of a crushed chest, apparently caused when a heavy-set marshal fell on Hoston as Hoston was being pushed through a doorway from the courtroom.

When the grand jurors released their initial findings on Nov. 10, various witness to the incident complained that their statements had not been taken by police and that they hadn't been called to testify before the jury.

The second probe began Dec. 15.