Several fine new varieties of flowers that can be grown from seed are available for 1977 gardens. One that is particularly outstanding is Begonia Ruffles Hybrid, a semperflorens (wax) begonia with individual flowers two inches across in fully double fluffy balls, an introduction of Park.

The flowers hand in lovely clusters and have the appearance of tuberous begonias. Bushy 12-inch plants can be used as house plants or on the patio. They come in pink white and deep red.

Other new flowers introduced by Park are Sinningia Mini-Sins (common gloxinia) and Coleus Tie Dyed. Mini-Sins has a wide color range, including deep lavender, purple with white throat spotted darker purple, fuchsia, peach and lavender-pink. Tie Dyed coleus has three distinct colors (purple, green and red) in interesting patterns on attractive round-shaped leaves.

For a free copy of the Park catalog write George W. Park Seed Co., P.O. Box 31, Greenwood, S.C. 29647.

Burpee has six new flowers for 197: Primrose Lady marigold, Deep Orange Lady marigold, Pretty Joy marigold, Red PYgmy marigold, Liberty Bell Hybrid snapdragon and Color Carpet alyssum, a blend of white, deep rose and deep purplish-violet shades.

Primrose Lady was a 1977 ALl-America Selection, a distinctive new carnation-flowered creamy primrose-yellow color with 20-inch plant height and blooms up to 3 1/2 inches in diameter.

THe bushy, compact plants stay neat and colorful all season, blooming from July until frost. They do well in pots, boxes and other containers on a sunny terrace, patio or rooftop.

Deep orange lady marigold is a sister of Primrose Lady, with rich brilliant orange carnation-type blooms.

Pretty Joy marigold is a dwarf double French mixture of colors, clear light yellow, rich mahogany red and golden-yellow splalshed red at the petal bases. The fully double flowers 1 1/2 inches across, also attractive for small bouquets, are produced on plants about 7 inches high.

Red Pygmy marigold is also a dwarf double French variety. It contrasts well with other annuals and is distinctive in pots and window boxes. It continuues to bloom right up to heavy frost.