Our annual fund appeal for Children's Hospital will end on Jan. 31. For a report on what was in Saturday's mail, read on.

First off, there was a check for $5 from the Futurelites, who explained, "We are a small social club, just starting. There will be a larger amount next time." Another $5 arrived from the U.S. Geological Survey's Computer Center Division.

The men and women in Hechinger's Credit and Collection Department declined to send each other $15 worth of holiday cards. Checks totaling $18.35 were contributed by "the recently reorganized Accounting Systems and Directives Section of the Department of Justice."

Seven young women who sang Christmas carols in Seabrook Park Estates (Lanham) were rewarded with $20. Personnel of the Giant Food store (No. 66) in Takoma Park chipped in $27, and the ID on another $27 check was "Amtrak's Agents Accounting." A $30 check was born in Xerox's Reproduction Center, and a note that accompanied it said it represented "a fund of uncertain and mysterious origin."

No intramural card exchange in the Construction Statistics Division of the Bureau of the Census produced $40 for the hospital. Employees of DOD's Civilian Employees Health Clinic passed up their Christmas party to save $49 for the children.

The Branch of Photogrammetry in the Geological Survey's Topographic Division used the no-cards plan to divert $60 to the hospital. A group that swims at the Alexandria Y sent me $65 in memory of a young man who swam there with them.

A makeup edior in our Style Department bakes delicious Christmas cookies and each year brings in a batch to cheer up colleagues who have to work on Christmas Eve. This year, the printers with whom she works decided to show their appreciation by chipping in for Children's Hospital. Some Style reporters followed suit, and before the night was out the cookie kitty had raised $68.

No card exchange in the Division of International Education of HEW's Office of Education netted the hospital $77. Officers and employees of the Consumer Credit Division of American Security Bank moved us into three digit territory with a contribution of $100. Bethel 33 of the International Order of Job's Daughters (Rockville) raised $157.59. The hospital's friends in the Producibility Division of Value Engineering Co. used our unpatented no-cards plan to divert $159.25 to the children. The Washington staff of RCA Global Communications, Inc., chipped in a tidy $169.

This was the sixth year in which no in-house cards were exchanged in the Data Systems Application Division of USDA's Agricultural Research Service, and this year the saving there hit $202. The staff at Infodata Systems, Inc., of Falls Church used the same idea to provide $210 worth of medical help to a needy child.

If you belong to a club that has a manager, he probably belongs to the National Capital Club Managers Association. Each year the managers refrain from sending each other Christmas cards so that they can send me a contribution to Children's Hospital, and their gift this year came to $284.50. The no-cards plan has also become a fixture among staff reporters, translators, interpreters and other members of the State Department's Language Services Division. Their contribution to the hospital this year was $301 - a hefty sum in any language.

Top honors for the day went to the approximately 100 men and women at the George Hyman Construction Co. who used the no-cards plan to send $2,550 to the Hospital. A tip of the hat to them for one of the highest per-capita gifts of the campaign.

The electronic abacus says the 23 groups mentioned today have added $4,639.69 to our shoebox, and that 35 individuals chipped in $565.58 to bring today's receipts to $5,205.27. Having ended last week with $139,013.91, we begin this week with arunning tally of $144,219.18.