Federal and military retirees will find out this week how much of a cost-of-living raise they will get in March. The increases for the 100,000 area retirees will show up in checks mailed for April delivery.

The raise will be for at least 4.5 per cent and could be more, if the December Consumer Price Index (which will be realeased this week) shows Decem-amount of the increase, it will go to retirees automatically provided they retire before the March 1 effective date.

Government Printing Office's Coalition of Minority Workers has until early February to come up with a hiring, promotion and training plan to eliminate alleged discrimination in GPO's offset press section. The Coalition brought the discrimination charges and U.S. District Court Judge Barrington Parker has ruled that many of the 139 black workers in the 350-person section are entitled to "appropriate relief." Now the Coalition is working on a plan it will submit to the judge who will have the final say-so.

Society of Federal Labor Relations Professionals meets for lunch Jan. 26 at the Pier 7 Restaurant. Capt. Willard Schaefer of Navy's Facilities Engineering Command is the speaker. Call 525-1914 for reservations.