Five Oakton High School students and their bus driver were injured yesterday when the bus taking them to school slid down an ice-slick hill and flipped over on its side, Fairfax County police said.

The students and driver were treated for minor injuries and released from Fairfax Hospital.

The bus had stopped at the top of a curving hill to pick up a student, police said, and began sliding when the driver started to descend the hill. The bus slid sideways 370 feet and landed came to a stop in front of the house at 11744 Stuart Mill Rd., police said.

"We started going down the hill and then we started to spin around," said Peter Manzella, 15, of 11820 Stuart Mill Rd., one of the last students to board the bus. "All I remember was us sliding and me smashing my head on the window. There was a loud smashing sound and everything was dark after that."

Manzella suffered a bruished lower back and bus driver Florence Alexander, 43, of 3538 Marseilles Dr., was treated for a bruished back and leg.

Other students injured were: Daniel Daly, 15, of 3219 Fox Mill Rd., with a fractured left hand; Gregory Kuchmeir, 16, of 11169 Tattersall Trail, confusion to the forehead; Cheryl Alexander, 16, of 3538 Marseilles Dr., bruished back, right leg and arm; and Stancey Hurley, 14, of 11163 Tattersall Trail, injured right arm.