The Metro transit system will run a variety of special bus and rail services Thursday to carry thousands of inaugural spectators and participants to, from and around downtown Washington.

Mindful of the black eye the Metro-bus system got when it stranded countless spectators for hours after the fireworks display last July 4 weekend, officials promised a full effort to deliver the promised services.

Nicholas J. Roll, special assistant to Metro's general manager and chief overseer of Metrobus operations, said close coordination with local police and transportation agencies should expedite bus services.

Roll also said the two-way radios have been installed in all buses, and these "will be utilized to report breakdowns and traffic problems, to divert buses and assist in any way that will maintain . . . operations . . ."

In addition, Roll said, 50 additional supervisors have been recruited at Metro headquarters to augment normal personnel on the scene. Other personnel, wearing special armbands, will provide information.

Metro operations will be divided generally into two phases. They are (1) bus services chartered and paid for (at a cost of $170,000) by the inaugural committee, and (2) the regular but augmented day-to-day operations of the Metrobus system and the downtown subway route.

The subway will be operated until 9:30 p.m. tonight and until 2:30 a.m. Friday, after Thursday's inaugural events. A regular 40-cent fare will be charged.

For the inaugural committee, Metro will operate:

Free bus service on 31 special routes, from 21 hotels and from the Robert F. Kennedy Stadium and Pentagon fringe parking lots for those wanting to attend the prayer service at 8 a.m. at the Lincoln Memorial. Buses will leave the outer ends of each of these routes at 6:40 and 7 a.m. only, and will pick riders only at designated special stops. The routes are listed later in this article.

Free bus service on these same routes for spectators going to the inaugural ceremony at the Capitol or to the parade route. Buses will run every 10 minutes from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the 31 routes, every 5 minutes on the special hotel routes and every 2 minutes from the fringe parking lots. The buses will be marked whether they are bound for the Capitol of the parade route.

Special bus service - strictly for special guests with tickets - from the Capitol to designated parade reviewing stands.

Buses returning to Maryland (inaugural special bus route 1 to 12) will leave on 12th Street NW north of Constitution Avenue. Buses to Virginia (special routes 13 to 25) will leave on 14th Street NW north of Constitution Avenue. Buses on District routes (special routes 26 to 31) will leave on 9th Street north of Constitution Avenue. Hotel Shuttles will leave on 15th Street south of Pennsylvania Avenue.All buses to both parking lots will run eastbound only and will load passengers on Constitution Avenue between 12th and 15th Streets NW.

A caution: Do not confuse the inaugural special bus route numbers (on cards inside the lower windshield of each bus) with the regular route numbers on roller signs above the windshields. Many of the special route numbers are the same as those on regular Metro routes.

In addition, Metro will operate its own regular routes - at a regular 40-cent city fare and a 60-cent suburban fare - as follows:

Regular routes will follow a basic Saturday schedule. Additional buses will be assigned on many routes.

Service will be operated on numerous bus routes (for example, the Shirley Highway routes in Virginia) which ordinarily are not run on Saturdays.

The subway, as reported previously, will be operated, with service extended beyond the normal 8 p.m. shutdown.

The terminals of many regular routes that normally end in downtown Washington will be located at the periphery of the parade zone, notably Alexandria Division buses on Constitution Avenue west of 10th Street. Regular terminals will ne restored gradually after the parade ends. The major east-west crosstown routes will be detoured north of Pennsylvania Avenue, with the No. 30-38 (Pennsylvania Avenue) routes running on H Street through the retail district.

The regular Metrobus routes on which Saturday schedules will be augmented are:

District of Columbia - 30, 32, 34 and 36, Wisconsin-Pennsylvania Avenue; 40, Mount Pleasant; 50, 14th Street NW; 70, Mount Pleasant; 50, 14th Street Capitol Street; 82, Rhode Island Avenue/Maryland; 922 and 94, Florida Avenue; A2, A4 and A8, Anacostia; B2, Anacostia-Chillum; D2, GLover Park; D4, MacArthur Boulevard; J6, Takoma Park; K6, Langley Park; L4 and L6, Connecticut Avenue; M4, Nebraska Avenue; N2, Massachusetts Avenue; S2, 16th Street; U2, U4, U6 and U8, Benning Road, and V4 and V6, South Washington (M Street).

Maryland - C2, Greentree Road; D6 Western Avenue; E4, Lewisdale; F4, Avondale; G4, Hyattsville; J2, J4 and J8, Marlboro Pike; Q4, East-West Highway; R2 and R4, Calverton; T1 and T2, Rockville Pike; A12, Addison Road; B12, District Heights; H12, Temple Hills; O12, Marlow Heights; T11 and T14, Belair;and T16, Greenbelt Road.

Virginia - 1 and 2, Wilson Boulevard; 3, Lee Highway; 4, Pershing Drive; 5, Chain Brigde Road; 6, Alexandria-Washington; 7, Shirley Corridor West; 9, Richmond Highway; 11, National Airport; 12, 13, 14, and 15, Alexandria-Washington, and 16, Columbia Pike.

The routes that do not normally operate on Saturday that will be operated on inauguration day are:

District of Columbia - 77, Georgia Avenue; A9, Anacostia; P9, Anacostia fringe parking lot (south end of South Capitol Street brigde); R5, Ft. McNair; V1, V3, V5, V7 and W9, Far Southeast; and X9, Seat Pleasant.

Maryland - F9, Lewisdale; K9, Pennsylvania Avenue Extended; M9, Penn Mar; L8, Connecticut Avenue; Q9, Glenmont; T7 and T9, Rockville Pike; YI, Y5 and Y7, Georgia Avenue, Extended; C12, Marlow Heights; J12, Fairfax Village; M11, Andrews Air Force Base; S12, Hillcrest Heights; T12, Bowie; W2, And W15, Indian Head Highway.

Virginia - 1T, Tysons Corner; 3F, Falls Church, 4B, Arlington Forest; 5W, Chain Bridge Road; 11W, Fairfield-Alexandria-Washington; 17H, Kings Park/Shirley; 20 18X, Springfield/Shirley; 19G, Seminary Road/Shirley; 20, Fairfax City/Shirley; 27H, Rose Hill-Hayfield/Shirley; 28B, Leesburg Pike; 28G, Skyline Towers/Shirley; and 29G, 29H, and 29Z, Little River Turnpike/Shirley.

Following are the special inaugural routes, free of fares, to be operated to the prayer service, the inauguration and the parade area:


Rte. 1, White Oak - From Columbia Pike and New Hampshire Avenue, stopping at Powder Mill, Braod Acres School, Piney Branch Road at Carroll and at Garland, and Thayer at Nolte.

Rte. 2 - Aspen Hill - From Aspen Hill Rd. at Connecticut Avenue, stopping at Connecticut and Randolph, Viers Mills and Connecticut, Newport Mill Junior High School and Kensington Junior High School.

Rte. 3 - Fox Chapel - From Frederick Avenue and Plummer Drive, stopping at Frederick Avenue and Odenhale, Gaithersburg City Hall, Frederick and Deer Park Road. Lincoln Park Community Center, Park and Grandin, Twinbrook bike park and Jefferson Street at Congressional Lane.

Rte. 4, Orchard Pond Apartments - From Fristfield Road at banks, stopping at Diamond and Floral Lane, Gaithersburg and Laytonville Road at Spicebury Road, Muncaster Mill Road at Shady Grove Road, Red Lane Road at Briardale Road, Fredereick Avenue at MOntgomery College, Rockville Plaza and Rockville City Hall.

Rte. 5, Walter Johnson High School - From Rock Spring and Old Georgetown Road, stopping at Westlake and Lakeview Drive, Fernwood Lane and Brixton Lane, Folkstone Road and Hamstead Street, Greentree Road and Old Georgetown Road, River Road at Wilson Lane, River Road at Goldsboro Road and on Massachusetts Avenue at Sangamon Road and at Westbard.

Rte. 6, Bettsville Elementary School - From Chestnut School, Stopping at Hollywood School, Baltimore Avenue at Navahoe Road, Queensbury Road, County Service Building, Wallace Road and at Rhode Island Avenue and 34th Street NE.

Rte. 7, Spring Hill Lake - From Cherrywood Lane at Cherrywood Court, stopping at Greenbelt Road at 49th Avenue, University Blvd. at Stadium Road, 24th Avenue and 14th Avenue, and at New Hampshire Avenue and Auburn.

Rte. 8, Seabrook Park - From Ellerbic Street and Annapolis Road, stopping at Rte. 450 and Whitfield Chapel Road, 85th Avenue at Lamont Drive, Riverdale Road at Fountainbleu Drive, Webster Street at 68th Street, Cooper Lane at Warner Avenue, Landover Road at Kilmer and Rte. 450 at 52d Avenue.

Rte. 9, Kentland - From 76th Avenue at Landover Road, stopping at Dodge Park Road and Landover Road, Glenarden Parkway and Paler Highway, Brightseat Road and Glenarden Parkway, Hamlin Street and Brightseat Road, Barlow Road and Landover Road, Palmer Highway and Goodman Drive and Palmer Highway and Sheriff Road.

Rte. 10, Andrews Manor - From Allentown Road and Command Drive, stopping at Suitland Road and Woodland Road, Shadyside Street an Brookfield Road, Brooks Drive and Herron Street, Marlboro Pike at Benning Road and Southern Avenue and Terque Street.

Rte. 11 Oxon Hill - From Indian Head Hifhway and Livingston Road, stopping at Indian Head Highway at Oxon Hill Road, Livingston Road at Wentworth Drive, Birchwood Drive and Livingston Terrace, and at Kennebec Street at Glen Manor Drive and Aubrey Street at Indian Head Highway.

Rte. 12, Bowie - From Laurel-Bowie Road at Rockledge Elementary School, stopping at Majestic Drive and Millstream Drive, Annapolis Road and Millstream Drive, Bowie High School, Parish of St. Pius X, Laurel Bowie Road at Annapolis Road and Tasken Junior High School.


Rte. 13, Yorktown High School - From Yorktown Boulevard and N. 30th Street, stopping at Yorktown High School, George Masonand Patrick Henry Drive, Patrick Henry Drive and Washington Boulevard. (Swanson Jr. High School) and Washington-Lee High School

Rte 14, Glencartyn School - From Carlyn Springs Road at Glencarlyn School, stopping at Barnett School, Arlington Forest Methodist Church and Arlington Unitarian CHurch.

Rte. 15, Vienna Woods - From Cedar Lane across from Cedar Lane School, stopping at Cedar Lane at Park Street, Park Street at Kingsley Road, Kingsley Road at Ware Street, Kingsley Road at Nutley Street, Madison High School, Wolftrap School, McLean Presbyterian Church and Churchill Road School.

Rte. 16, Salona Village - From Langley Shopping Center, stopping at Westmoreland Street at Old Chesterbrook Road, Kirby Road at Park Road, Westmoreland Street at Hopewood Drive, Westmoreland Street at Haycock Road, Leesburg Pike at Patterson Road and Lesle Avenue at Griffith Road.

Rte. 17, Sleepy Hollow - From Westlawn School, stopping at Sleepy Hollow School, Belvedere School, Glasgow Intermediate School and Carey School.

Rte. 18, Falls Church High School - From Jaquar at Marc, stopping at Masonville School, Poe Elementary School and Jefferson High School.

Rte. 19, Columbus Street, Alexandria - From South Columbus Street at Gibson Street stopping on Columbus Street at Franklin Street and Jefferson Steet; Cameron Street at Fayette Street, West Street at Madison, Madison Street at Fayette, Wythe Street at Columbus Street and Pitt Street at Bashford Lane.

Rte.20, Belleview - From Belleview Blvd. at 13th Street, stopping at Huntington Avenue at Blaine Drive, Rosemont Avenue at Commonwealth Avenue, Mt. Vernon Avenue at Spring Street and at Mason Avenue, Bellefonte Avenue at Commonwealth Avenue and Commonwealth Avenue at Mt. Ida Avenue.

Rte. 21, Woodlawn - From Skyview Drive at Richmond Highway, stopping at Frye Road at Richmond Highway, Buckman Road at El Camino Road, Fordson Road at Sherwood Hall Road, Richmond Highway and Lockheed Blvd.; at East Lee Street at Memorial Heights Drive, Kings Highway at Fort Drive, and on Franconia Road at Norton Road and at Edison High School.

Rte. 22, Stevenson Square - From Stevenson Avenue at South Whiting Street, stopping at Van Dorn Street and Route 236, Seminary Road at Kenmore Avenue, Taney Avenue at Pegram Street and at Jordan Street, Duke Street at Gordon Street, Maiden Lane at Yale Drive, and at Jackson School.

Rte. 23, Ramsey School - From Sanger Avenue at Ramsey School, stopping at Fillmore Avenue at Beauregard, King Street at Menakin, Kenwood Avenue at Osage Street, Monticello Boulvard at Cameron Mills Road, Russell Road at Aspen Street and at South Glebe Road at Long Street.

Rte. 24, Green Valley - From Quincy and Arlington Mill Drive, stopping at Walter Reed at Arlington Mill Drive, Kenmore at South 24th Street, South 16th Street at Walter Reed, Queen Street at South 12th Street and Grant Street at South 24th Street.

Rte. 25, Woodson High School - From Little River Turnpike and Pickett Road, stopping at Old Lee Highway at Service Road (Safeway Store), on Old Lee Highway at Rebel Run, Chain Bridge Road and Jackson Memorial Highway, on Ox Road at Sager Avenue, School Street and Zion Drive, and at Greater Little Zion Baptist Church and Commonwealth Boulevard and Gaineborough Road.


Passengers may board at terminals only.

Rte. 26, Kelly Miller Junior High School, 49th Street and Brooks Street, NE.; Rte. 27, Sousa Junior High School, 37th Street and Ely Place, SE.; Rte. 28, Hart Recreation Center, 4th Street and Mississippi Avenue, SE.; Rte. 29, Morgan School, V Street between Champlain and 18th Street, NW.; Rte. 30, St. John's College High School 2607 Military Rd., NW, and Leckie School, Chesapeake Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SW.


Airport Hotel, Burlington Hotel, Sheraton-Carlton Hotel, Executive House, Hay Adams Hotel, Capitol Hilton (formerly Statler Hilton), Washington Hilton, Holiday Inn at 1501 Rhode Island Ave. NW, Madison Hotel, Mayflower Hotel, Sheraton-Park, Loews L'Enfant Plaza, Hyatt Regency, Dupont Plaza, Americana, Howard Johnson Motor Lodge at 2646 Jefferson Davis Hwy., Arlington, Marriott Twin Bridges, Marriott Key Bridge, Marriott Crystal City. Shoreham Americana and National Airport Holiday Inn.