District residents at the bus stop at 11th and G Street NW were asked, "Are you satified with the District's bus system?" Washington Post Staff Writer Louise A. Reid did the interviewing and staff photographer Margaret Thomas took the pictures.

Michael Jones, 20, a bartender and model who lives at 911 T St. NW: "I've been here about six months now.For the time since I've lived here I'm satisfied with it. I'm orgininally from Richmond. Down there we had to wait a half hour for the bus. Here, the buses are prompt. There's faster service. I don't know if it's because there are more buses or what."

Stacy Baltimore, 33, a bus operator who lives in Southeast and was waiting for a bus: "Yeah, I'm pretty satified. I think that we do have a pretty good system, an efficient system and a relatively well scheduled system.It's not just because I'm an employe. I have relatively good confidence in the system, especially if you've been in other cities and have seen what they have."

Marguerite McKeil, 50, retired, lives on 14th St. NW: "In a way, yes. I take the D2 or the D4 abd we usually have to wait a long time. But I can't say I'm dissatisfed with it. I think the District is all right."

Doretha Gale, 23, technical clerk, lives on 11th St. NW: "Ain't no way. They want more money but they aren't giving any better service. Sometimes you have to stand up. I feel if you have to pay more money, you shouldn't have to stand up."

Sandra Nabinett, 19, student, lives at 255 V St. NW: "It's O.K. It's kind of slow sometimes. But it depends on what time you get there. I very seldom ride the bus."

Michael Jenkins, 22, unemployed, lives at 1715 V St. SE: "No, I'm not satisifed. First thing, they don't keep the schedules. Another thing, when you get to the end of the line, you have to wait ten or 15 minutes before they make up their mind to leave. They're smoking a cigarette or talking to the young ladies. Even if you're on your way to work, there's nothing you can do to speed them up. And when it snow, the bus service will slow up."

Marie Needham, 72, retired, lives at 3911 13th St. NE: "I don't use it very much because I live in a convenient neighborhood. I'm retired now. I don't have to worry about if the buses are on time or not. I have no problems with the bus system."