The Prince George's County Council passed a resolution Tuesday authorizing a $3,175,000 bond sale for storm water drainage projects that would increase the property tax by three-tenths of a cent.

The resolution orders the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission to sell the bonds on the New York market to generate income for stormwater and surface drains, flood control and marina clean-up projects in Prince George's County.

During debate on the resolution, council members expressed concern that the WSSC had not informed the council of the bond sale prior to sending it to New York. They also noted that specific projects were not included in the resolution.

State law requires council approval of all bond issues for stormwater and surface drainage systems.

The council members were told by WSSC commissioner Andrew Vistowsky they had no choice but to pass the resolution because a prospectus (for potential buyers) had already been prepared and the bond sale set for Jan. 26.

County executive Winfield Kelly appeared before the council and urged passage of the resolution. He informed the council members that the Prince George's County reputation in the bond market would be impaired if they did not pass the resolution.