D.C. General Hospital has failed to gain full accreditation by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals, for the fourth time since December, 1975, the Department of Human Resources said yesterday.

Approval initially was denied by the Chicago-based hospital standards group in December, 1975. The hospital has twice unsuccessfully appealed a second rejection by JCAH last August.

DHR officials said they would exercise the remaining challenge to the August rejection with an appeal to the JCAH board of Commissioners.

"We are fighting for a principle," said DHR health and hospitals administrator Dr. William J. Washington Jr. DHR has contended that the hospital was in substantial compliance with JCAH requirements when it was surveyed for the second time last May.

The latest rejection by an impartial JCAH hearings panel found the hospital deficient in the following areas:

Lack of licenses by some emergency room physicians. Washington said 75 per cent of the doctors have the required credentials.

Failure of the Howard University Medical Service at D.C. General to hold required monthly meetings over a year's time. Every other medical program met the requirement, according to Washington.

An average of 1.376 patients records found delinquent. Washington said the incomplete records represent discharges from the hospital over about a one-month period.

Failure of the medical staff to review all blood transfusions properly. Washington conceded that shortcoming as accurate "to some degree."

If the final D.C. General appeal, scheduled for April, is denied, DHR can request a resurvey of the facility after six months have elapsed.