Baltimore train Commuter train service on the Con-Rail line between Washington and Baltimore will be preserved for at least one more year under a subsidy arrangement announced this week by Maryland transportation secretary Harry R. Hughes.

Hughes said his state department of transportation will pay 10 per cent of the deficit, which is expected to total $694,399 to maintain operations during the 12-month period starting Apr. 1. The 90 per cent balance will come from the federal Urban Mass Transportation Administration.

The subsidy will maintain two local trains serving 840 weekday riders over the line. Under a special transition arrangement after ConRail replaced teh old Penn Central Railroad last spring, the federal government initially paid all the commuter train losses.

Since the state share would rise to 50 per cent in 1978, Hughes said he would re-examine his department's commitment at that time to determine whether the service should b e continued. Operations on the parallel Baltimore & Ohio commuter line would not be affected. Scholarships

Scholarship funds for those interested in furthering their nursing or paramedical education are now available through the Auxiliary of Suburban Hospital, Suburban's Board of Trustees and a scholarship established in the memory of Capt. James E. Daly Jr. of the Montgomery County police department.

Applicants for the nursing and paramedical scholarships offered by Suburban's Auxiliary must be high school graduates and residents of Montogomery County. Their application to an accredited nursing school must be accepted or pending.

More information and an application can be obtained from Mrs. Edward Ahnell Jr., 9445 Tobin Circle, Potomac, Md., 20854. She can also be reached by calling 365-2648. She must receive completed applications, along with three letters of reference, by April 1.

Morgan-Morell nursing scholarship funds, totaling $2,000, will be awarded by Suburban's Board of Trustees in memory of former hospital presidents William N. Morell and Carroll B. Morgan.

Applicants for the Morgan-Morell scholarship must have been accepted by a school of nursing (RN), demonstrate a valid need for financial assistance and be residents of the Washington area.

A candidate can apply or reapply for the Morgan-Morell scholarship annually. Funds are limited to $1,000 per applicant and are to used for tuition and books only.

The Daly scholarship for $500 offers financial assistance to a resident of Montogomery County who is a high school graduate and whose application to an accredited school of nursing is pending or has been accepted.

Applications for the Morgan-Morell and Daly scholarships are available from Suburban Hospital's public relations office. Deadline for submitting completed applications is May 1.