In a letter to President Carter last week, Rep. Herb Harris asked that Carter restore the proposed $400 million cut in federal education funds that would cause Northern Virginia schools to lose $15 million in impact aid next year.

In his last budget message to Congress, Ford proposed cutting the impact aid program in half, reducing it from $793 million to $495 million in 1978. According to Harris, to cuts would amount to $908, 154 for Alexandria, $10.6 million for Fairfax County, $2.2 million for Prince William County and $1.3 million for Arlington county.

"If these cuts go into effect, local property taxes will have to be increased to continue education programs now available to our children," said Harris, explaining that Fairfax County would have to raise its real estate tax rate by 28 cents, adding $68 a year to the average homeowner's current property tax bill.

Rep. Harris has also renewed his effort to equalize water rates in the metropolitan area this year. According to the congressman, Virginia's water rates are $1.75 per 10,000 gallons while District residents pay $1.13 for the same amount.

"This is the same water, pumped the same way by the same people," said Harris, "yet Virginia is being charged 54 per cent more."

Virginia's independent senator, Harry F. Byrd, Jr. has introduced a bill banning U.S. assistance to Vietnam without prior congressional approval.

Byrd said that while no direct assistance was being given to Vietnam, about $75 million will go there next year through seven international organizations of which the U.S. is a member.

"My proposals would not reach international agencies of this kind. What I am concerned about is providing the Congress with an assured input as to any decision to give direct American aid to Vietnam," Byrd said.

In a lengthly statement on the Senate floor last week, Republican Bill Scott expressed his opposition to the presidential pardon of all Vietnam draft evaders.

"Many draft violaters see a blanket amnesty or a blanket pardon not as a humanitarian act," said Scott, "but as the symbolic submission of this nation."

Scott also said that he felt a "blanket pardon" would be unfair to all those "who overcame their own fears and loyalties to serve in the Armed Forces of the U.S."

Arlington's Rep. Joseph Fisher has introduced legislation to provide a tax credit for tenants, who by law are not permitted to deduct on their federal income tx the portion of the rent they pay that goes to locl real estate taxes.

According to Fisher, 65 per cent of the people in Arlington County live in rental units.

Fisher's bill would provide a tax credit against federal income tax of 5 per cent of annual rent.This would amount to up to $75 for married couples, and $50 for single taxpayers.

NOTES . . . Sen. Byrd has appointed Ed Beck of Arlington as counsel to the Subcommittee on International Finance and Resources . . . Sen. Bill Scott says he'll probably go into private law practice with his two sons in Fairfax when he retires in two years . . . Rep. Fisher was one of the first signatories on a petition to remove Rep. Bob Sikes from the chairmanship of the Military Construction Subcommittee.