It looks like a raise next month for top federal executives, members of congress, judges and political appointees.

The Senate voted 56 to 42 yesterday to kill a motion by Sen. James Allen (Ala.) that would have scuttled the big raises proposed by President Ford just before he left office. Unless antipay forces can formulate a new strategy within the next couple of weeks, the raise will go into effect automatically. The House Democratic leadership has agreed to keep any antipay raise resolution bottled up until the deadline passes and the raises become automatic.

Congress is also working on a new code of ethics for members - to go along with the pay raise - that would bar outside financial dealings that could cause a conflict of interest.

If the new raises go into effect, as now seems likely, more than 20,000 career federal workers here would get increases ranging from $29 a year to $7,900 for employees in Grade 18. The top career civil service salary, now $39,000 would go to $47,500 under the Ford plan, which the Carter Administration has endorsed. So as of now, it looks like the pay raise is going to go into effect.