Falls Church's 250 municipal employees are not represented by any union and thus are not affected by the court decision but the school system's 120 teachers are members of the Falls Church Education Association and the school's 100 non-teaching employees have been given the same percentage salary increases and benefits negotiated by the teachers' union.

Although the teachers' contract is now null and void, Doug Scott, director of school budget affairs, said this week he expects the board will honor all provisions of the contract that it legally can. "I expect it will honor everything not specifically prohibited by the court decision," said Scott."In fact, I don't see major changes or effects from the decision this year or even next year . . . since we just finished negotiating the fiscal 1978 contract. But we will need new methods" of arriving at salary raises and benefits for fiscal 1979, Scott said.

The small Falls Church police force of 33 officers was organized by the Teamsters union in 1972, as were many Northern Virginia police forces, but the City Council refused to recognize the Teamsters. Few if any officers still belong to the Teamsters, according to police officials, although most belong to a police association.