The Montgomery County Council has voted unanimously to support a $400,000 state bond measure to help fund a community life center in the rural town of Poolesville in the western section of the county.

The Council, however, stopped short Tuesday of taking a stand on the details of the center. A spokesman for county executive James P. Gleason said that as a result of a feasibility study Gleason was recommending more intensive use of existing facilites instead of building new ones to provide the services.

As proposed by Poolesville citizens, more than two years ago, the community life center would consist of a public library, a center offering medical and social services and an indoor swimming pool - all connected to the Poolesville Junior-Senior High School.

Besides the 3,000 residents of Poolesville, it would serve 6,000 persons from more than a dozen nearby rural communities and would be the first time a public school in Maryland was designed for use by the whole community.

The project had been projected to cost $1.5 million in public funds. But at a hearing Monday, citizens proposed reducing the public expenditure to $715,000 by having the medical and social services center built privately and having county funds pay for the library, while the interior would be built by vocational high school students.

Gleason's plan, however, suggested a further cost reduction by having the public and the students use the same library and eliminating construction of the swimming pool. Council members delayed taking a position on the plan, saying they would be in a better position to make decisions on it next month after acting on Gleason's capital improvements program.

In other action Tuesday, the Council approved a $1.7 million supplemental appropriation to buy 40 buses to expand "ride-on" bus service in Silver Spring.

According to estimates it will improve the level of transit service 20 per cent, by expanding the service area and increasing midday service. The increase is expected to coincide with the opening of the Silver Spring and Takoma Park metrorail station in November.