American police decoys trying to catch robbers who prey on illegal Mexican border-crossers have five times been jumped by robbers who turned out to be Mexican law officers, according to San Diego Police Chief Bill Kolender.

The accusation was made Wednesday after two of the police decoys shot a Mexican immigration inspector as he allegedly tried to rob them at gunpoint inside the United States.

It was the first shooting by the special border force, but exemplified the mounting problem of crime along the boundary, which is growing with the number of illegal aliens.

The Mexican inspector, Luis Fuentes Temez, 23, of Tijuana, was hospitalized in stable condition with five bullet wounds and held under charges of assault with a deadly weapon and robbery.

Rodolfo Valladolid, chief of the immigration service office in Tijuana, said after the shooting that Fuentes was north of the border in pursuit of a gang of "asaltapollos," or "chicken-jumpers," the Spanish name for the border robbers.

Kolender then revealed that it was the fifth such incident in which the "asartapollos," turned out to be Mexican can lawenforcement officer. Two Tijuana policemen were returned to Mexico for trial and two are awaiting prosecution here, he said.