More than 124,000 confused federal retirees will be getting letters next week that will straighten out a computer foulup the caused many of the former government aides to delay mailing their federal income tax forms.

The problem popped up when CSC mailed out "corrected" tax withholding and earnings information to retirees in early January, only to discover that the "correction" was wrong in some cases and the statements that were thought to be in error were, in fact, correct.

What CSC, which has had teams working around the clock to correct the error, found was that there had been errors in the beginning balance of retirement contributions for some annuitants and also in the breakdown of total survivor annuity paid to some survivors whose dependent children also are receiving an annuity. None of the payments involve VA claims. All are for civilian government service. CSC says it had done the following:

As a result of its special review, CSC says it has done the following:

Mailed 52,000 letters advising retirees to use their original W-2P (A) forms in cases where the annuitant also received a "corrected" statement which was, in fact, wrong.

Mailed 57,000 letters advising retirees to use their corrected W-2P (A) in cases where the annuitant received an incorrect original statement.

Mailed 6,000 new statements to disability retirees whose original statements did not reflect their disability status.

Mailed 9,000 new statements to survivor annuitants whose original payments contained an incorrect breakdown of the respective annuity paid to the survivor and/or to dependent children.

This is one of those don't-call-us-we'll-contact-you cases. CSC says that annuitants who received an incorrect statement last month (January) will get either a letter or a new statement next week. Annuitants who do not receive either a letter from CSC next week or a new statement can assume, the Commission says, that the original statement they got in January was correct and may file their taxes accordingly.