A brown and black German shepherd dog that lives in the Cardozo area led two D.C. police officers on Thursday to a suspect in an attempted street robbery on Girard Street NW, police reported.

They said officers Lowell Duckett and Michael Douglas came upon a struggle near 13th and Girard Streets about noon between an older man with money in his hand and a younger man attempting to take it.

When the officers approached, police said, the younger man, who held a straight razor, whirled around. Duckett drew his revolver but slipped on the ice. The gun discharged, harming no one, police said, and the younger man ran off.

According to police the officers pursued him into an alley behind the 1400 block of Girard Street where they lost sight of him. Then they saw the dog. One of the officers petted the animal and reportedly said: "Where'd that guy go anyway?"

The dog walked to a nearby garage, followed by the officers, police said.

Police said they found a man in the garage and arrested him. They identified the man as Robert W. Singletary, 20, of 1321 Fairmont St. NW, and said he was charged with attempted robbery.

Duckett and Douglas were reportedly planning to visit the dog yesterday to offer a reward of dogfood.