Nine persons were injured yesterday when a Prince George's County fire engine slammed into a county shcool bus carrying emotionally disturbed children at an intersection in Landover Hills. Prince George's Councy police said.

Police said the accident occured as two Landover Hills fire engines were responding to a personal injury accident call at 57th Street near Elizabeth Seton Senoir High School in Bladensburg.

Police said the fire engines were headed westbound on Annapolis Road when they entered the intersection, at Coopers Lane. The first engine cleared the intersection, but the second engine plowed into the county's Cheltenham Regional Center school bus. Police said the school bus hit a nearby car, injuring the driver.

All nine persons - including six of eight children riding in the bus - were treatred and released from Prince George's General Hospital, a hospital spokesman said.

Injured in addition to the children, were the bus driver, Patricia Krause, 42; a teacher's aide, Denise Dorsey, 26; and the driver of the auto, Walter Orton, 48, of 6009 Somerset Rd., Riverdale.

Police said none of the drivers involved was charged in the accident.

As for the personal injury accident that originally prompted the two fire engined to race toward Bladensburg, one county fire spokesman sais: "Its ironic, but there was no one injured at the scene."