Fairfax County Supervisor John P. Shacochis (R-Dranesville) opposes construction of the Rolling Road Estates public housing project in Springfield. Contrary to a report in yesterday's Post, Shacochis voted against a motion to rescind the Board of Supervisors' stand against the project.

The Fairfax County supervisors voted yesterday to hold a public hearing on a proposal to extampt beer and other malt beverages from a law that will ban sale on pull-tab metal cans and require refunds for beverage containers returned by consumers starting July 1.

The Board of Supervisors' 6-to-3 vote came despite protests from some supervisors that the law would be ineffective if beer were excluded.

"The whole purpose (of the law) is to keep litter off the streets," said Supervisor John P. Shacochis (R-Dranesville) "If we don't include alcoholic beverages, we haven't done anything."

The vote to hold a hearing came after County Attorney F. Lee Ruck said the law probably would be unenforceable unless beer and othe rmalt beverages were exempted.

Ruck said a Loudoun County Circuit Court judge had ruled a similar ordinance invalid on grounds that the county could not regulate deposits own alcoholic beverages. Ruck said it is likely that the Fairfax Circuit Court would rule the same way.

Supervisor Marths V. Pennino (D-Centreville) said that if beer were exempted, the law would at least be of some help. "Any litter clean-up is a help," she declared.

Supporters of the law here said that the requirement that stores pay refunds on empty containers will deter consumers from throwing containers away.

Stored in Fairfax will be required to pay at least 5-cent refunds on beverage containers when the law goes into effect in July.

Voiting in favor of holding a hearing were Republican Supervisor Marie B. Travesky (Springfield) and Democratic Supervisors Pennino, Warren I. Cikins (Mount Vernon), Alan H. Magazine (Mason), Audrey Moore (Annadale) and James M. Scott (Providence). Voting against were Rebpublican Board Chairman John F. Herrity, Shaoochis and Joseph Alexander (D-Lee).

No date for the hearing was set.

In other actions, the Board adopted new animal control laws that will require Fairfax Country dog owners to leash their animals during neighborhood strolls. Leasing is required when the dog is taken beyond its owners property.