A 79-year-old Northeast Washington woman bailed out of a moving car yesterday afternoon and helped police collar three suspects in an investigation of con game, D.C. police reported.

The woman, Agnes C. Anderson, of 5901 East Capitol St., had gotten her Social Security check, taken it to the bank and cashed it, police said. They said she then went to another bank goting to the Safeway store at 3941 Minnesota Ave. NE.

At the store, Anderson was approached by a woman who began to talk to her about money. A man with a badge came up to Anderson outside, the store to ask about the woman, whom he said was wanted in connection with a flim-flam investigation.

Police said Anderson was asked to get into a car that was driven by a second man that would take her to the sixth police district station for questioning. When the two men asked more questions about Anderson than about the alleged "suspect," she became suspicious, screamed, and leaped from the car as it approached a stop sign at 36th and Blaine Street NE.

Three real detectives who had been on the lookout for a similar confidence scheme had been following the car. As one of them attended to Mrs. Anderson, who was uninjured, the other two caught up with the suspects at Minnesota and G Street NE, police said.

Police arrested Earl Jennings, 46, Willie Wiggins, 42, and Janice Dorothy Green, 46. Their home addresses were not immediately determined. All three were charged with attempted larceny by trick, Jennings and Wiggins also were charged with kidnaping, and Jennings alone with impersonation of a police officer, police said.