Plans are underway for the construction of a $6 million 4-H educational center near Front Royal to serve 18 Northern Virginia countries and the city of Alexandria.

About 35,000 of the 1,286,000 people who live in that area are 4-H members, the organization reports.

The center is to be built on 229 acres of land which lie five miles south of Front Royal, in Harmony Hollow, adjacent to Shenandoah National Park. A campaign to raise capital funds to build the facilities will be launched this spring, according to information from the center.

The center is designed primarily for 4-H Club use, but is to be available to other youth and adult non-profit groups when not in use by 4-H, according to Samuel Jones Jr., president of the board of directors.

Building plans call for six winterized cabin clusters to accomodate 80 persons each, one winterized canin cluster for infirmary and staff housing, a main lodge with dining hall, conference facilities and sleeping quarters.

There will also be a manager's residence, an animal center - including a horse stable and riding ring, a swimming pool, playing fields, tennis courts, trails, and rifle and archery ranges.

The Center will be owned by a self-sustaining, non-profit corporation, the Nothern Virginia 4-H Educational Center, Inc., which has been chartered as a nonprofit organization by the State Corporation Commission. It it to be managed by its board of directors and the Cooperative Extension Division of VirginiaPolytechnic Institute and State University.