Washingtons are facing one of the coldest winters on record, President Carter has called for residents to turn down their thermostats, factories have closed and thousands of people are out of work. Washington Post Staff Writer Sharon Conway and Staff Photographer James A. Parcell went to the Palisades area of MacArthur Boulevard NW and asked residents how they have been managing these cold winter days.

Marshall Meterell, 91, retired, lives on Foxhall Road NW: "It's just beautiful weather. What about Buffalo! I'm not a young man any more as you can see, so I don't go out on the ice."

Ronald Lee, lives on E Street SE: "It's too cold, I swear it is. It's hard to get up in the morning. I have to get up at 4 a.m. to be at work at 7 a.m. and if I miss the bus, ooh, it's too bad."

Sally Ostad, lives on Eskridge Terrace NW: "I don't really cope with it. I stay in all the time. I hardly go out. We've started turning down our thermostat. It's now at 67 degress. We turn it down a degree a day so we can get used to it better."

Ronald Lipton, jogger, lives on MacArthur Boulevard NW: "It's not generally affecting my life. I run everyday and it doesn't bother me much, even in the snow and ice. Although I did miss a few days."

Leigh Sherrill, lives on Watson Street NW: "I like it just fine. I do feel chilly in the morning, though. When we were young, we had a coal furnance and it sure seemed colder them. It hasn't changed my way of living at all."

Nan McGeorge, lives on MacArthur Boulevard NW: "I'm wearing a lot of clothes. I'm keeping the thermostat down. We have a three-floor house so it's 70 degrees on the top floor, 65 degrees in the middle and 60 degrees on the bottom."

Timothy Walker, student, lives on 49th Street NW: "When we have sports period in school we have to go into the gym now. And we sure are all packed up with clothes. I like it only when it snows."