If little Sally or Teddy came home from kindergarten last week with Y's, P's, or N's on her or his report card, don't fret, they haven't started plane geometry yet. It's only a new grading system teachers are using to evaluate your child's skills.

The new progress report system, along with a new warning system to notify parents an elementary age child may be in danger of failing, and changes in dates elementary schools send out report cards, were announced recently by the Prince George's County public school system.

The new kindergarten report forms are an effort by the schools to give parents a more accurate indication of how a child may be progressing. Specific learning skills and areas of physical and social growth are broken down into individual aras to provide a detailed report on each child.

A teacher evaluates each item by placing a Y or yes, the child has learned the skill described; N or no, the child has not learned the skill to any observable degree; P, the skill has been introduced in the classroom and the child is progressing, or a dash, to indicate the skill hasn't been introduced in the classroom yet.

The revised form came after extensive feedback from kindergarten teachers and elementary school principals earlier this year and last spring. The reports will continue to be supplimented with parent-teacher conferences.

The parents of elementary school children who may wind up getting a D or an E on a final report will be notified midway through each grading session by a letter from the principal. If a student's work is unsatisfactory, the parent will be asked to sign and return the letter and get in touch with the teacher to discuss the problem and a possible solution.

Changes in elementary report card dates were made to coincide with dates used in junior and senior high schools. The new uniform dates are today, April 21 and June 17.