Roland M. Preisman, 71, an authority on transportation, a consultant and a retired federal government aide, died Monday at Arlington Hospital after a long illness.

At his retirement in 1975, he was assistant chief of the transportation division in the directorate of supply operations, Defense Supply Agency. He had been a member of the Defense Department task force that organized the Defense Supply Agency.

Born in Omaha, Mr. Preisman attended Princeton and Columbia universities and entered federal government service in 1935.

He was a staff member of the old Senate Lobby Committee, which wrote the 1936 Shipping Act. He then was with the bituminous coal commission of the Interior Department.

Later he was assigned to the White House as special assistant to the coordinator of emergency programs. He managed transportation policies during the Greek-Turkish relief program as well as transportation problems in Europe after World War. II.

Mr. Preisman was a transportation consultant to the head of the former Economic Cooperation Administration and then was deputy director for transportation, public utilities and fuels in the Office of Economic Stabilization.

Before helping to set up the Defense Supply Agency, he was transportation adviser to the Army's Quartermaster General.

Mr. Preisman was a member of the Walker Chapel United Methodist Chruch in Arlington.

He is survived by his wife, Lucile Lohmann Presiman, of the home in Arlington; a son, Wayne, of Reston, and two grandchildren.