Students on the George Washington University campus were interviewed by Washington Post staff writer Louise A. Reid. The photographs were taken by staff photographer Margaret Thomas.

Carl Martin, 18, a freshman from Athens, Ala., who lives on K Street NW: "It's all right. I'm from Alabama originally so it is quite a change. I grew up in a rural town, so urbanization is where I want to be at the moment, so the District is really where I like to be at the moment. I think that personality wise it's a little colder than New York.

Joe DelMauro, 19, a sophomore from Springfield, N.J., who lives on campus: "I just got here about a week ago. I'm from New Jersey and I really hung around Greenwich Village and everything. D.C. kind of reminds me of New York City. Life here is so good, it's so exciting and everything. I went to Georgetown a few times and that was pretty good."

"Debbie Ozga, 20, a junior living on campus, from Westerly, R.I. "As long as I don't have to stay here year round, it's okay. I can only take it for so long. I like the city because it offers so much. I really like going to museums and theaters. But after a while I get so sick of the concrete that I have to get back to the country and take it easy.

Washington is the best city I've lived in."

Greg Doherty, 26, a non-degree student from Boston, who lives on M Street NW. "I like it. It's a lot easier getting around. You don't have to have an automobile; you can walk. Public transportation is cheaper, cabs are cheaper. I'm close to places I like to go. However, rents here are higher than the suburbs."

Mimi Roberts, 24, a graduate student from Pasadena, Calif., who lives in Cleveland Park. "I just moved here in September. At first I didn't like it at all. Now, I'm getting to like it. I didn't like it at first becuase it was a new place to get used to. I'm an art history student and I like it because the museums are here. But I don't like driving here."

Mathew Graves, 21, a sophomore who is from the District and lives on First Street NW. "I've lived in the District all my life. It's okay. I don't like traveling back and forth. This semester my classes are all spread out and getting to classes is hard. Public transportation is rough. For my academic pursuits, I'd rather live on campus. However, I enjoy living in the District."

Deborah Rosenberg, 21, a senior from Erie, Pa., who lives on New Hampshire Avenue NW.: "I like being here very much. I'm from a very small town. I like the city because it is a big city and at the same time has a lot of characteristics of a small town. The pace of living is slow, but it is still a kind of interesting city."*