A predicted inch or two of wet snow and intermittent showers, with winds between 15 and 15 miles per hour, may put a damper on the Chinatown here today. Windy, wet weather is also predicted for the rest of today, tonight and Monday, the Washington's birthday holiday.

The Chinatown parade, celebrating the Year of the Serpert with martial arts displays, fireworks and a rick-shaw presentation to Chinatown beauty queens, is scheduled to start at noon on H. Street NW between 5th and 9th streets.

"It is too much to call off unless it is really, really bad weather," said a spokeswoman for the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association, sponsor of the parade.

Light rain and cloudy skies yesterday failed to deter the multitude continuing to jam the King Tutankhamun exhibit at the National Art Gallery.

"From the lines this morning it looks like the biggest crowds we've had yet," said Sheldon Grossman, the duty officer at the museum yesterday. Grossman said the lines at the museum stretches from 4th to 7th Street NW as 1,000 people per hour toured the exhibit, which is scheduled to close in mid-March.

Another long line snaked through the Municipal Building yesterday as hundreds of District residents cued up to pay their overdue parking tickets.

"It is worse than it has been all week," a police spokesman said. "I guess people had the time to stand in line because it's Saturday. The line goes clear through to the other side of the building."

The reason for the rush to pay old parking tickets is the approach of the March 31 dealine for license tag registration in the District.

The police mailed out warnings to scofflaws explaining that their licenses will not be renewed unless they clear up all parking tickets.

The central violations office in the Municipal Building, where parking violations are paid, Monday along with most federal, state and local government offices in the Metropolitan area. Only in the Prince George's County will George Washington's birthday be celebrated on the day the first President was born, Tuesday, the 22d.

Almost all schools and libraries also will be closed Monday and all banks in the District will be closed. Liquor stores in the District and Maryland will be open Monday byt Virginia liquor stores will be closed.