A Clarksburg, Md., man who reportedly twice tried to run down two Maryland State Troopers with his car early Sunday morning, was killed when the shotgun of one of the officers accidentally discharged, according to Maryland State police in Rockville.

Anthony Grant Lowe, 24, of Frederick Road, was pronounced dead on arrival at Suburban Hospital, police said. The two officers involved in the incident, TFC Mike Gayle, and TFC Maxwell Graybill, whose shotgun discharged, remain on duty, but the incident is under investigation, police said.

According to police, Lowe was spotted at 1:20 a.m. Sunday morning driving in "an erratic manner" on Rte. 355. Trooper Mike Gayle pursued Lowe and signalled him over to the side of the road. As Gayle approached Lowe on foot, after the two cars stopped, Lowe reportedly accelerated his own car, trying to hit Gayle, police said.

Gayle radioed for assistance and was joined in the chase by Trooper Maxwell Graybill as well as Montgomery County police officers who also set up road blocks, police said.

Lowe was stopped a second time along Rte. 355, by officers Gayle and Graybill. As Graybill approached Lowe from the front, Lowe reportedly accelerated again, and the right side of Lowe's car "brushed" Graybill, police said.

At that point, the shotgun Graybill was holding "discharged," the pellets went through the rear window of Lowe's car and struck Lowe in the back of the head killing him, police said.

Graybill is a 10-year police veteran, and Gayle has been on the force for four years, according to police. The investigation is considered routine according to the state police spokesman.