A Washington area concert promoter testified yesterday that he prevented a rival promotion company run by dis jockeys at radio station WOL from sponsoring a concert at the Capital Centre by invoking "veto" privileges given to him by the Capital Centre management.

Jack Boyie, president of Cellar Door Concerts, Inc., the area's largest promotion company, told a Federal Communications Commission hearing that he did not want DJ Productions sponsoring concerts at the Capital Centre because of the group's "business ethics."

Boyle testified that he invoked a verbal agreement with Jerry Sachs, president of the Capital Centre, whereby Boyle could disapporove concert sponsors desiring to use the hall.

Boyle said that while he had to personal knowledge of the Dj productions "business ethics," he had heard from fellow concert promoters that the disc jockeys threatened not to play the records of groups scheduled to perform for rival promoters. He said he did not want the DJ Productions sponsoring concert at the Capital Centre because of their reputation.

Boyle's testimony came during the third day of an FCC hearing investigating allegations that some disc jockeys from WOL accepted payola from the managers of rock groups.

The FCC is also investigating allegations that the groups illegally plugged on the air concerts that they were sponsoring.