Judge Fred L. McIntyre of the D.C. Superior Court has been found "well qualified for reappointment" by the D.C. commission on judicial disabilities and tenure and thus will have another 15 years on the bench.

In a letter to President Carter dated Feb. 18, the commission said McIntyre's courtroom "has consistently reflected an aura of fundamental fairness" in the ten years he has sat as a Superior Court judge.

By rating him "well qualified," the commission automatically assures the 56-year-old jurist a full 15-year term on the bench.

The seven-member commission acted under the provisions of the District's home rule charter. This states that any judge of the Superior Court who wishes reappointment must undergo scrutiny by the commission. That is true also in the case of candidates for the court with no prior judicial experience.

If the commission rates a judge "well qualified," his or her reappointment is automatic. If the rating is "qualified," then the President must decide whether his or her name should be forwarded to the Senate for confirmation. If the candidate is found "unqualified," he or she may not be considered for service on the bench.

In acting on McIntyre, the commission said that "well qualified" is a term reserved for judges who accomplish "with distinction the judicial function and in a manner which consistently reflects credit on the judicial system."

The commission said of McIntyre:

"Attorneys and court officials describe Judge McIntyre as a man of 'outstanding judicial temperament' who treats jurors, parties, witnesses, court officials and attorneys with courtesy and restraint.

"This sense of fairness which pervades his courtroom is combined with an ability to manage his calendar in such a way that his judicial work product is well above average."

Prior to becoming a judge on what then was known as the D.C. Court of General Session, McIntyre was counsel for the Senate District Committee from 1961 to 1967. He was an assistant U.S. attorney here for eight years before going to the Senate committee.

He is a native of Nevada. He earned his bachelor's and law degrees at George Washington University. He resides at 12328 Arrow Park Dr., Tantalon, Md.